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The Art of Play": Lani Gonzales Speaks at Mental Health and Suicide Education Conference

We at St. Clair Butterfly Foundation are thrilled to announce that Lani Gonzales, our Director of Strategic Initiatives, will be presenting at the prestigious Mental Health and Suicide Education 2024 Training Conference. An advocate for pioneering approaches in mental health, Lani’s session on "The Art of Play" is set to be a standout feature of this year's gathering.

Lani Gonzales has been a cornerstone of our organization, advocating for the curative power of playfulness in mental health. At St. Clair Butterfly Foundation, our conviction in the transformative power of blending creative expression with therapeutic processes stands firm. Lani’s extensive expertise and fervor for art as a therapeutic avenue resonate deeply with our mission to offer innovative and empathetic support.

Scheduled for January 11, 2024, the conference will showcase various experts, yet Lani’s breakout session is particularly anticipated. Speaking from 1:00 to 2:00 PM in the Carson 3 session, she will illustrate how the aspects of play can bolster mental health and overall well-being. Often neglected in adult therapy, this strategy is essential for its capacity to unlock suppressed emotions, cultivate resilience, and promote a joyous connection with life’s adversities.

"The Art of Play" is not solely a child’s pursuit. Lani’s discourse will explore the advantages for adults incorporating play into their routine, challenging the stigma that play is unseemly with age. She will demonstrate how play can alleviate stress, enhance cognitive abilities, and improve social interactions. Her insights aim to illuminate the role of play therapy as a conduit for recovery for those contending with mental health concerns, providing an invigorating viewpoint for both professionals and the broader community.

Join Lani and the St. Clair Butterfly Foundation at this pivotal event. Seize this opportunity to not only gain knowledge but to also adopt an invigorated approach to mental health care that could rejuvenate traditional healing modalities.

Lani’s role at the Mental Health and Suicide Education Conference reflects St. Clair Butterfly Foundation's dedication to comprehensive mental health care. We stand behind her as she promulgates our vision of hope and restoration through the medium of play.

Keep an eye out for updates from Lani’s session and learn more about our initiatives at St. Clair Butterfly Foundation.

Warm regards,

Lauren Cook

National Director

St. Clair Butterfly Foundation

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