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7 Monks Taproom Black Friday Event: A Toast to Giving and Gratitude

As the festive season approaches, communities come together in the spirit of giving. This year, 7 Monks Taproom in Traverse City embodied this spirit magnificently. Their 13th Annual Black Friday Tap Feature & Membership Drive, held on November 24, 2023, was not just a celebration of good cheer but a meaningful contribution to a noble cause: supporting the St. Clair Butterfly Foundation (SCBF).

For years, 7 Monks Taproom has integrated charitable giving into its Thanksgiving week celebrations. This year's event continued this tradition, featuring an exceptional array of rare porters, stouts, and other dark beers, attracting beer enthusiasts and community members alike. More than just a beer-tasting event, it offered discounted Lifetime Friar Memberships, with 100% of the proceeds donated to charity. Over the years, this event has raised significant funds for various organizations, demonstrating 7 Monks' commitment to community welfare.

The 2023 event was particularly special, as the proceeds supported the SCBF. The foundation is dedicated to helping traumatized youth overcome adversity through expressive arts programs and providing trauma-informed training for educators. Matt Cozzens, owner of 7 Monks, proudly announced that this year's drive raised $2,300 for SCBF, a substantial contribution that will directly aid in the foundation's vital work​​.

This collaboration between 7 Monks and SCBF exemplifies how local businesses can play a pivotal role in supporting community initiatives. The event was more than a fundraiser; it was a testament to the power of community spirit and shared values. Patrons not only enjoyed the unique beer offerings but also contributed to a cause that resonates deeply within the Traverse City community. The event showcased how small acts of generosity, when pooled together, can create a significant impact.

The success of the event underscores the importance of community involvement in charitable causes. We extend our heartfelt thanks to 7 Monks Taproom for their generosity and to every individual who participated, demonstrating that collective efforts can bring about positive change. This event sets an inspiring example for future collaborations and highlights the importance of local businesses in fostering a culture of giving.

The Black Friday event at 7 Monks was a beautiful blend of community, compassion, and celebration. It reminds us that together, we can make a significant difference in the lives of those in need.

Let's continue to support and engage in such meaningful initiatives. Discover more about SCBF's work and find out how you can contribute to their cause.

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