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For over sixteen years, SCBF has successfully created and instituted programs, seminars, lectures and conferences for civic, educational, and governmental bodies to address childhood trauma, and has been a thought-leader in exposing the social and economic implications when the proper resources are not available.

Educational Gardening
Educational Gardening

And we’ve been doing it with a handful of local foundation grants, board and community donations, all volunteer staff and support, and minimal overhead due to generous in-kind donations of office space and related expenses.

But we can’t continue to make this kind of dramatic impact, let alone fill the ever-growing need of young people suffering from trauma in our schools and our communities without strong partnerships and a firm commitment to expand.

The need is so great. We have schools and facilities and districts on a waiting list, young people who desperately need our services, who we simply cannot help because we lack the resources, leadership, capital, and partnerships.

Every bit helps.

Every bit helps. Remember, just $2 dollars a day will provide an entire year of SCBF programming.

We’ve helped to change the lives of over 20,000 young people, to unlock their potential, to rescript their future, to literally rewrite their DNA. But our work is just beginning, and we need your help.

Help us help them find their wings, because we believe that


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