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A Harmonious Alliance: Celebrating the SCBF, Havenwyck Hospital, and Juvenile Court Partnerships

Since December 2020, the St. Clair Butterfly Foundation (SCBF) has been at the forefront of an innovative partnership with Havenwyck Hospital in Auburn Hills, Michigan. This collaboration, further extended to the Juvenile Court system in 2023, has become a beacon of hope, significantly impacting over 5,000 patients annually.

A pivotal element of this partnership is Chip St. Clair, co-founder of SCBF, who has been a board member at Havenwyck Hospital since 2016. His involvement has been instrumental in bridging the foundation's mission with Havenwyck's psychiatric services, fostering a unique blend of clinical expertise and creative therapy that benefits countless individuals.

The partnership with Havenwyck Hospital, initiated in 2020, revolutionized mental health care through the integration of SCBF’s expressive arts therapies. This synergy has enhanced the hospital's psychiatric services, offering patients new, creative pathways to healing and recovery.

In 2023, SCBF expanded its reach by partnering with the Juvenile Court system. This strategic move aimed to provide innovative programming to youth involved in the court system, offering them transformative experiences through creative arts. The partnership is dedicated to supporting these young individuals, helping them navigate their challenges and fostering a path toward positive growth and self-expression.

The impact of these collaborations is profound and far-reaching. The integration of creative arts therapy in psychiatric care and juvenile justice has led to remarkable transformations. The success stories of the youth, benefiting from these programs, highlight the power of creative expression in facilitating change and promoting emotional well-being.

Chip and Lisa St. Clair's engagement with the Juvenile Court system, through speaking events and advocacy, has been vital in promoting the partnership's success. They have shared inspiring stories of transformation and expressed gratitude for the collaboration, underscoring the importance of creative arts in rehabilitation and mental health.

This journey of partnership and collaboration exemplifies the power of combining expertise, compassion, and creativity. Together, SCBF, Havenwyck Hospital, and the Juvenile Court system are creating a legacy of healing and hope.

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